Animal Cancer Care Clinics

ACCESS – Palm Beach County collaborates with Veterinary Oncology Specialists at Animal Cancer Care Clinics.

It is heartbreaking to learn that a beloved pet may have cancer, and it can leave you feeling helpless and worried about your greatest fear. Be assured that the comprehensive treatment of animal cancer has been our exclusive practice since I founded Animal Cancer Care Clinic (ACCC) over 15 years ago. We now care for more animals with cancer than any other practice in the United States.

With a large staff of board-certified Veterinary Oncologists, our cancer specialists see daily what other vets see rarely, so we are better able to quickly and accurately diagnose conditions, predict animal responsiveness to different therapy options, and expertly deliver appropriate treatment.

We are pleased to work with ACCESS – Palm Beach County and to help you make informed, responsible decisions about your pet’s well-being, A journey of HOPE, CARE and Optimal OUTCOMESTM for every Client and Animal Patient is the mission of our company, and my promise to you.


Stephanie Correa, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)
Founder and President, Animal Cancer Care Clinic

Call: (954) 527-3111


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