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What makes an ACCESS Doctor?

More than titles.

Qualifying as a veterinarian requires years of study. Add several more to become a board-certificated specialist. Both require something unique not found in human medicine; the ability to work with patients who cannot explain where it hurts, if they’re thirsty, or feeling better. This is why we choose doctors who have natural compassion and empathy. It’s one thing having the qualifications and experience to treat a patient, but it’s another to pause and give your pet a gentle pat for no other reason than love! These are ACCESS doctors.

More than one.

Because your pet can’t ask for another opinion, our doctors will often do it for them. This is because our staff are enabled to collaborate between themselves and those in other departments – so it’s not uncommon to see several doctors, some with many years of specialized training, huddled over a patient. Of course this requires the kind of doctors who can check their egos, work together, and do what’s best for your pet. These are ACCESS doctors.

What’s in a title?

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