Slide Pet owners who have been referred to ACCESS are more likely to recommend their referring veterinarian to family and friends.*

For Referring Veterinarians

A valued relationship.

When *polled, pet owners who have been referred to ACCESS consider their local (primary) veterinarian as a vital contributor in the ‘care and recovery path’ for their pet, and more likely to recommend their veterinarian to friends and family.

This is a view we support, and why we are firm that;

  • We will never ‘steal’ your client.

  • We will always discuss with you what is best suited to you and your client – without any obligation on your part — prior to any referrals you may or may not choose to make.

  • We will always disclose and discuss with you, any potential conflicts of interest to you and your clients.

  • We will always provide a copy of the patient’s discharge instructions and/or a doctor’s letter to ensure you have the information required to continue a great relationship with your client.

  • We will bend over backwards to ensure our relationship with your client is empathetic, courteous, respectful and compassionate.

Our relationship with you is important and valued, so please never hesitate to consult at any time with our doctors regarding your patient undergoing treatment at our hospitals – we’re here for all of you…

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