Dr. Yalisa Figueroa

Yalisa Figueroa, DVM, (Surgical Resident)

Dr. Yalisa Figueroa was born and raised in Puerto Rico.

Her passion for animal care began at an early age when she assisted a local veterinarian in Puerto Rico, assisting with military working dogs in Germany. She graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary, St. Kitts in 2017.

After her clinical rotation at Colorado State University, she fell in love with surgery and pursued a rotating internship at Blue Pearl Specialty and Emergency Animal Hospital in Kentucky, followed by two surgical internships with Blue Pearl in Texas and Minneapolis. She has accepted a surgery internship with ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital – Palm Beach County and looks forward to enhancing her surgical skills. Dr. Figgy (as she likes to be called) has spent significant time shadowing doctors in Colorado, Kentucky, Texas, and Minnesota.

She finds both soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries very interesting but has a particular interest in total hip replacements, wound management, and minimally invasive surgeries. Dr. Figueroa is fluent in English and Spanish and is passionate about providing bi-lingual client services to the Hispanic community.

In her downtime, Dr. Figgy loves to hike and explore new places with her two dogs, Lila, and Randy. She also enjoys being at home watching movies with her three cats: Trix, Pinkie & Bubu. She has several pets that she has rescued over the years, which include two rats (Alfredo & Ragu), and multiple reptiles (two snakes, a chameleon, a Pac-man frog, a Beard dragon, and two leopards geckos).

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